Dates Products

Date vinegar is one of the delicious and nutritious condiments that can turn food and salad into dietary and healthy food and make people more eager.

The date fruit is a commercial product, and most developed and developing countries are assuming dates as a valuable product. Also, this is the reason why manufacturers produce date products prolifically, for instance date paste, liquid sugar date, chopped dates, date vinegar, date seed coffee, pitted industrial date and other products.

Date chips

Date chips have been produced in Iran for the first time. One of the most important and tasty products of dried dates is date chips.

Date chips, made from the best colonial dates or dried barbecue dates with long storage in the fridge. Some people ask what is date chips? This product is made from dried dates, which, after dividing the kernel by a particular machine, separates the chips into one-size cubes and rolls them over to dry in flour.

Because dates have a rich nutritional value and are useful for all ages. Date chips are one of those products that have been replaced today with sugar because they contain fructose, which is not detrimental to the health of the body and is also rich in various vitamins and minerals.

Advantages of this product are being seedless and high shelf life, because it contains less amount of moisture than fresh dates. That’s why it stays longer. Dates contain some dietary fiber that is highly beneficial to our digestive and nutritional health, and is also useful in the treatment of intestinal disorders and constipation, as it is a section of the laxative food. Large companies produce date chips and pack them in suitable packages. Sargol trading company is honored to recommend you this exquisite Iranian product.

Benefits of Date Chips

Date chips have a high nutritional value and it is worth noting that diabetics who suffer from sugar can benefit from this product. It means it is a suitable alternative to sugar with tea and also as it is mentioned before it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

At 100 grams of date chips 20 to 50 percent protein, 0.89 mg magnesium, 0.50 mg phosphorus, 0.6 mg vitamin B2 and 0.3 mg vitamin B1 and 6.2 mg iron and vitamin C is available.
Dates are useful in the treatment of constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems and diarrhea and is a laxative food. That is why it is very useful for people who suffer from constipation.

Date chips usage:

Date chips are suitable for use with tea instead of sugar and in addition for cooking a variety of cakes and foods for example in rice and lentil and also for food seasoning.

Dates Syrup

The syrup is extract of carefully selected mature wholesome dates harvested exclusively in clean unpolluted regions of the Middle East. It has a unique quality which is 100% Natural, delicious and energetic. The Syrup dates is concentrated liquid and the nutritional Value of Syrup is like dates.

Taste: Sweet

Physical properties
• Color: Dark reddish brown
• liquid

Consumer Items: Bakery, Confectionery, Industrial, Food additive.

Importer countries: Throughout the world specially Europe, Russia, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand.

Area under cultivation: Southern cities of Iran such as Kerman province.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Syrup Uses

It can be used for direct use instead of honey on all kinds of bread like toast, instead of maple syrup on pancakes, crepes or waffles. In addition, it can be used as an ice cream topping, or for sweetening of coffee, tea or in dairy products, jams and marmalades, baking, sauces and relishes, soft drinks, Halwa (Iranian special confection), confectionary and energy substitute. As a sweetener and flavoring for biscuits, fruit loaves, tart filling and similar products also can be used.
There is no other energy substitute better than the date syrup in the world.

Dates Paste

Date Paste is a wonderful alternative to regular table sugar, with all the qualities of sugar without any loss of flavor and other sensory property. Dates paste is made of different kinds of dates including Sayer, Kaloute, Mazafati and etc.

Taste: Mild and sweet

Consumer Items: Consumer packing, bakery, confectionery, industrial, food additive.

Importer countries of Iranian date paste: All over the world specially Europe, Russia, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand are interested in consuming that.

Shelf Life: 12 to 24 months under cooler storage of 45F / 8C

Storage Condition: Room temperature, need fumigation each two month.

Date Paste Nutrition Value

Date Paste is rich source of high nutrient, minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, man genus, Phosphorous, Potassium, selenium, sodium), vitamins (A, B9, C), fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6), protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants so Date Paste helps and raises the immune system against diseases.

Date Paste Medicinal Benefits

Date Paste because of being rich source of Iron is one of the best ways for treatment of Anemia and those who are suffered from this disease. Date Paste also is considered as a nutritious food which is beneficial for those who exercise seriously. Date Paste fiber content have positive and direct influence at digestive system functions and is useful for all age groups. Date Paste is quite sweet, therefore the limited consumption is recommended for those who have diabetes. Of course, the doctor ordered. Date Paste causes to digest food better. Date Paste consumption with yoghourt is very nutritious and is the best food for those who are suffered from Anemia.

Date Paste Usages

Our Date Paste has unique properties. The date paste has homogeneous & non-homogeneous texture and is soft while the taste of is pretty sweet from dates (no additional sugar) and is 100% for human consumption. You can use in varieties of cakes, different types of desserts and other usages such as:

Home Use:

  • The breakfast and afternoon snack complementary
  • Marmalade for making home candy
  • Substitute sweeteners for baby foods
  • Add with yoghourt is very nutritious and is the best food for those who are suffered from Anemia


  • Base for other ingredients such as sauces, jams
  • Confectionery goods such as core of cake, filling for biscuits
  • Food, beverage industries such as confectionery, bars, snacks, chocolate, dairy, baked goods, baby foods, alcoholic beverage and ...

Date Vinegar

Date Vinegar is 100% natural, tasty and somehow sweet that has high application such as natural and delicious flavor for different kinds of food like salad, pasta, various kinds of stews or sauce for meat, chicken and fish. The vinegar is rich source of nutritional values that can has large number of medicinal benefits for us such as cancer preventing, weight loosing, reducing bad cholesterol, helps weak heart or bad cough. The date liquid vinegar producers in black –brown color, blended processing and without any additives or preservative or color in Iran. This yummy vinegar with acidic taste is available in different packages of bottles, bulk and can.

Date Vinegar Specification

Product Type: Vinegar

Type: Fruit Vinegar

Processing Type: Blended

Form: Liquid

Color: Black -Brown


  • Natural, tasty and Semi-Sweet
  • No Additives, Preservative, Extra Color
  • Pasteurized Product with Acidic Taste

Nutritional Value: High Source of Fibers, Calories, Iron, Sugars and Total Carbs

Medicinal Benefits: To prevent cancer, reduce the LDL cholesterol, lose weight, helps weak hearts, get better persistent cough and other medicinal benefits.

Place of Origin: Iran

Packaging: bottle and can


  • Use as natural and yummy flavor for foods, salad, Pasta and different types of stews and also for some decorative applications.
  • Use for preparation of meat before cooking.
  • Use for salad dressing and marinating meats and vegetables

The Great Complementary for grilled meat and fish sauces